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hatching exercise - aidan by MerianMoriarty hatching exercise - aidan :iconmerianmoriarty:MerianMoriarty 13 2 speedpaint - Anbu Neji by MerianMoriarty speedpaint - Anbu Neji :iconmerianmoriarty:MerianMoriarty 11 1 Lady Loki - Paints by MerianMoriarty Lady Loki - Paints :iconmerianmoriarty:MerianMoriarty 9 3 hatching exercise - dean by MerianMoriarty hatching exercise - dean :iconmerianmoriarty:MerianMoriarty 20 3
The Poor Man's Wealth
The Poor Man’s Wealth
Dís was carving decorative patterns on a saddle, tapping her foot to the musical ringing of paired hammers at the anvil, when the door opened and closed.
She paused a moment and pretended to be considering the placement of the next curl of vine in the motif.  Only a handful of people would come into the forge without knocking, all of them dwarf-men and two of them sweating away over what would be a very fine pot for the innkeeper at the bottom of the road.  One she had hugged so tightly she feared she’d break him, and two more she had kissed good-bye and tried so very hard not to weep for.
Her husband leaned over her shoulder to kiss her cheek.  “There’s my lovely,” he sighed.
“You found some good ores, then?” she asked.  “Or were you too busy drinking and singing songs with your fellows?”
Orin put a hand to his breast and proclaimed, “My lady, I have delved into the very darkest pits of
:iconmerianmoriarty:MerianMoriarty 1 1
hatching exercise - richard by MerianMoriarty hatching exercise - richard :iconmerianmoriarty:MerianMoriarty 3 1
And I Cannot Reach You
And I Cannot Reach You
For a time, when they were very young indeed, Fíli had suffered a recurring nightmare that he would only speak of to his brother.
We are in a great battle, he would say.  We’re warriors.  Uncle Thorin is King Under the Mountain, and orcs have attacked.
There Kíli would interrupt to press for details of his own prowess, little pieces of childish egotism like, How long is my beard? and, How many orcs do I slay? and, Is Mister Dwalin there?—because I bet you ‘n me could slay more orcs than him.
After an effort at shushing him, Fíli would go on.  We’re surrounded and outnumbered, and Thorin gets hurt, and I send up the call—defend the king!  I try to go to him, but my armour is heavy, and it slows me down.
Then you should take it off, Kíli would say with all the wisdom a fourteen-year-old dwarf can muster.
I do, but then I get hurt, and then you get hurt, and I cat
:iconmerianmoriarty:MerianMoriarty 5 3
Whatever End
Whatever End
Kíli stormed into their room while Fíli was packing.
“You’re not going without me,” he said in a tone which brooked no argument.
Fíli sighed.  “I fail to see why you place such importance on the quest—a quest to retake a kingdom that fell a hundred years before ever you saw sunlight.”
“This is my chance!” Kíli said hotly.
“Chance for what?” asked Fíli, confused.
“To be more in my life than simply your brother.”
Rocked to his core, he stared at Kíli.  “‘Simply’ my brother?  I have always felt that ‘brother’ was chiefest of my appellations and principle among my virtues.”
Kíli would not meet his gaze, and oh!—how it stung.
Fíli swallowed.  “Have I been a poor elder brother?”
“No!” Kíli said quickly.  “No, of course not…  It’s only…  I am young—”
“We are not so young as all that,” h
:iconmerianmoriarty:MerianMoriarty 5 1
Queenly at the Window
Queenly at the Window
It is fully a day and night before any of the cousins surface from grief sufficiently to remember their princess.
Then it’s oh my, and she must be told, and yes, but who to carry such dire news…
Bofur volunteers, but it’s agreed that one of the nearer relations should shoulder the burden.
Dwalin categorically refuses; he has a mighty fear of Thraín’s daughter, and would not tell her of the deaths of her sons for all the riches in Moria.
Bombur wonders whether it mightn’t be easier to tell Dís’ husband and let him risk her wrath (Bifur agrees that it would be the fellow’s husbandly duty).
Oín suggests they draw lots, and that whatever unfortunate dwarf draws the short stick should get his funeral arrangements out of the way before departing.
Several days they spend in this way, arguing and accusing, while halls are hastily cleaned and makeshift buildings hastily raised…while tombs are appointed in
:iconmerianmoriarty:MerianMoriarty 2 2
Lady Loki - Lineart by MerianMoriarty Lady Loki - Lineart :iconmerianmoriarty:MerianMoriarty 2 0 The Founder by MerianMoriarty The Founder :iconmerianmoriarty:MerianMoriarty 3 1 Tiny Tina by MerianMoriarty Tiny Tina :iconmerianmoriarty:MerianMoriarty 1 0 Gemini by MerianMoriarty Gemini :iconmerianmoriarty:MerianMoriarty 2 1 Gemini - Illamar by MerianMoriarty Gemini - Illamar :iconmerianmoriarty:MerianMoriarty 2 0 Gemini - Tamris by MerianMoriarty Gemini - Tamris :iconmerianmoriarty:MerianMoriarty 3 3 Preview Slide - Thor by MerianMoriarty Preview Slide - Thor :iconmerianmoriarty:MerianMoriarty 0 0
even when art-blocked, i can do graphic design. i will do Literature Deviation Preview Slides for point commission -- for 1 :points:, i will work tirelessly to get you a perfect one-off; for 3 :points:, i will also send you the PSD to make future Preview Slides in the same style; if your slide requires hand-painting for the best effect each time, you can buy all future needed slides for just 5 :points:! all i need from you is a concept, color reference, size requirements, and any specific fonts you'd like me to use.

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are you scared of my fave list yet? i know i am. XD





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so i was kinda horribly ill for a while, hacking up a lung or two.  coughing my way to six-pack abs, or something.

between Apr 28 (a short session) and May 2, i managed to start working on Mitchell's scruff.  next time will be May 5 (if i'm not intoxicated enough to forget that i had things to do besides watch movies and set midget psychos on fire), from 8-11pm, and i should be able to finish off the scruff.  after that, i'll need to do some shade correction, and he'll be teh donez. :w00t:


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you can't test with plants. we tried. they just sat there, feeling neither pain nor fear. THAT isn't science.

Current Residence: Plano, TX
Favourite genre of music: hard-rockish stuff, mellow folk, alternative, some trance/electronica
Favourite photographer: the absolutely gifted arachnid15 (Steven Perry), Lex Munro
Operating System: Win7...but i'm still rocking my beloved Word 2000.
Favourite cartoon character: Deadpool <3 (invincible pop-culture buff, chatterbox, and leet ninja mercenary)

...Oh, to substantialize this supposititious ontological quiddity...


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